Write about what you have learned regarding Roman Numerals. Then, write out a Roman Numeral Post for others to figure out with our standard number system...
If you were alive during the 1850's would you have travelled to California to search for gold? Would you have been a miner, a merchant, a restaurant owner? Explain what role you would have liked to play in the California Gold Rush and why.
Fabulous 4th grade is having their Pizza Party tomorrow! What is your favorite kind of pizza?
If one pizza had 16 slices, but 2/8 of it was gone...how many slices would be left?
Thursday, St. Patrick's Day is Free Dress for Eggshells or Confetti Donations! Remember to wear green! Team Serena Won the Team Challenge and they invited Team Louis to host the party on Thursday. Team Serena will be served first and Team Louis will then eat! Please remember what you signed up to bring and let the good times roll! Then school will be closed for Monday and Friday while all Bruins enjoy a fabulous four day weekend! (Yup- the good times are a rollin')
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Here is a Math Stumper from Mr. Schemenauer:
 Justin Bieber is coming to town. You won free tickets on the radio. If the Justin Bieber concert started at 8:00 pm at the Staples Center and you lived 90 miles away, what time would you have to leave to be at the concert on time if you drove 60 miles per hour?

This problem was brought to because of Dominique's request for a math problem! Fabulous 4th Grade Rocks!!
Can any fabulous fourth grader identify the following prepositional phrases in the following sentences:
1. Kino's father carried Jiya into the house.

2. Louis met Serena on the pond in the park.

3.Fabulous fourth grade will have a pizza party in the classroom on Thursday.

Post the numbers and phrases you think are in the above sentences.
Then try to write your own sentence for other students to identify the preposition, object of the preposition, and the phrase.
Lent 2011 began on Ash Wednesday, March 9,2011. Fourth Grade students went to Mass and received ashes. They discussed prayer, penance, and almsgiving as part of the journey of Lent. What are you giving up or adding to your life as part of journey to grow spiritually?
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